Partners in Process

Partners in Process is a group for women whose lives have been affected by sexual addiction. Emotional and/or physical infidelity causes a pain that is almost unbearable and indescribable. Women facing this need a safe environment to talk about what they are feeling with other women who can truly understand and relate to what they are going through. Each woman’s details are different, but the deep pain caused by sexual addiction is the same.

This group also helps women face the truth that they cannot control others, but they can control their choices. The women in this group discover that they have things to work on in their own lives. There is freedom in this discovery as they learn to have boundaries with love, forgive, and surrender to Christ. As they work through the twelve steps, they begin to gain victory over strongholds like codependency, eating disorders, control, insecurities, sexual sins, worry, etc…. Each woman is different, but each woman works on the things in her life that she has turned to instead of turning to the Lord. This group is a safe place to learn, grow, and heal.

Groups Offered

Recovery Alaska offers groups for Men and Women alike. We seek to develop the individual by walking along side them as God's grace works through their lives bringing about his healing.

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We welcome any and all questions or concerns about what to expect and how we might help you in any way growth healthy and strong.

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